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Dear customer:
Hello, thank you very much for your selection of Guangzhou YUCOO of the product!
The spirit of "superior products to provide customers with the perfect solution, perfect after-sale system to obtain a higher degree of customer satisfaction," And customers to establish long-term strategic partnership, Guangzhou YUCOO will provide a timely, thoughtful, efficient customer service for each customer.

Pre sales service

1, professional sales staff, technical support engineers to provide you with a free full range of products and technical advice and pre service.

2, the collection of customer demand information, to provide customers with a variety of practical solutions for customer reference selection.

After-sale service

1, 7*24 free telephone technical services (+86-020-85558952).

2, for the user documentation, quality tracking service.

3, the warranty period for free warranty, maintenance; damage fault maintenance cost according to the charge.

Service commitment

1, if the product quality problems, can provide a replacement, return within 7 days.

2, 7*24 free telephone technical services (+86-202-85558952).

3, in the warranty period, our company is responsible for free repair; after the warranty period, the damage failure maintenance cost according to the charge.

4, the commitment to provide a good long-term warranty, maintenance, service and technical support for life.

Technical support

1, the failure of the detection and maintenance of products.

2, free service hotline, remote and on-site technical support.

3, spare parts procurement.

4, product technical support and service.