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19inch Rack Mount Type DC-DC Converter FAQ

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Question: Does the DC-DC converter can be AC input or output?



2.DC-DC converter just can be the type of DC input and output. 


Question:  Does the output is isolated ?



2.All of the Rack mount type is isolation output.


Question : Can it add Monitor?



2.The red point is the monitoring unit that added. The price is changed according to different monitor function.

Question :How to control the output voltage?


1.There is two kind ways. 

2.It is automatic control and handling control. If handing control.there will be a potentiometer to adjust the output.

Question :  Can DC DC converter add external control voltage?



2.For example. To add 0~5V external control voltage.

Question :  Can you make DC adjustable output dc dc converter? 



2.we can add the add the adjustable resistance when production, and we can handle adjust the output, but the unit price will be more, you can come to the sales for more information about the specification and price. 

Question : can you make the multi-output dc dc converter? 



2.but for now, we can only make double output type, you can contact the sales for more information about the specification and the price. 

Question: Can you make the dc dc converter as desk type? As we know, all of the dc dc converter you show in the website is the 19Inch rack mount type. 



2.Normally we can customize it as desk type when the model capacity is less than 500W. You can contact the sales for more information about the specification and the price. 

Question : What is the mode of connection of the dc dc converter? 


Terminal connection


Question : can you make parallel operation in one dc dc converter? 



2.Such as if you make two unit of 30A model,  you will finally get 60A model after you make parallel operation. 

Question :what is the output circuit in dc dc converter?


1.It is the same as the in the output channels

2.Such as the YKDD12S4810 model with 12vdc input and 48vdc 10A output, if you want to make it with 5 channels output, each channel is 2A. Normally, we manufacturer will make 2 channels if the end users do not have special request. 

Question :What is the communication mode of the dc dc converter? 


RS232 and RS485 and RJ45 optional. 

Question :What is the heat-dissipating method of the dc dc converter? 


it is refrigeration.


Question :Can you make AC/DC double input? 



2.220vdc and 220vac double input, Ac and dc electrical isolation completely

Question :what is the application of the dc dc converter? 


1.DC-DC converter is widely used in the area of communication and electricity. 

2.This product is mainly designed to meet the need of the requirements of all kinds of communication devices.

Question . What is the working way og DC DC converter?


1.Working whole-day when in rated current 

Question:What kinds of protection function of our DC DC Converter?


1.Input overvoltage protection

2.input under voltage protection

3.output overvoltage protection

4.over-current protection

5.short circuit protection.


Question :Can add RS485 communication protocol。



2.But need to remind the technical staff

Question : What we should note when we connect or use the DC DC converter?


1.it must ensure that the dc input Power off when the process of dc injection.

2.DC line terminal contacts and other places that unnecessary naked, have to fully insulated.

3.Before electricity must be grounded.

4.It is strictly prohibited that to do high pressure, direct current (dc) operating in thunderstorm weather

Question:When will cause the fault indicator light up?


when the output voltage and input voltage abnormal (Output over voltage alarm, input undervoltage 


Question : What is the MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) of dc converter 


1.MTBF≥100K hours

2.High reliability, simple and convenient maintenance

Question : What are the unique characteristics of rack mount DC-DC converter? 


1.Cooling method: internal air cooling mode, with low noise.

2.Different protection function, with input over voltage, input reverse polarity protection; output overvoltage, over temperature protection, output over-current, short circuit protection.

3.High reliability: MTBF≥100K hours, high reliability, maintenance simple and convenient.

4.EMC characteristics: Complies with EN55022 CLASS B class standard; meet IEC61000-4 LEVEL 3 standards.

5.With input, output and alarm function normally indicates instructions.

Question : how to definition the model number for rack mount dc converter 


1.Mode : YK-DD [ VV ] S [ vvaa ]. For Example : YK-DD48S2410

2.YK-DD --- YUCOO Company DC Converter series 

3.VV--- Input rate DC Voltage . 

4.S--- Convert function / Single phase output 

5.vv---Output range DC Voltage 

6.aa---Outpur rate current 

Question : what does the rack mount type of dc converter will apply for > 


1.All of the rack mount design is N+1 module structure

2.Each DC modules can work in automatic equal current, can be set up for the telecommunications, electricity and wireless base stations.

Question :  what is the max capacity of each module of rack mount dc converter 


1.The max capacity of dc module we design is 500w

2.That is to say, 48vdc output , the max current is 10A , 24VDC output , the max current is 20A 

3.One of rack mount dc converter , it can made up by 6pcs module